Frequently asked questions

How do i Place an order for Catering?

Please call Venue and we will take care about your Catering need.

Do you serve Halal Food?

Yes Venue Restaurant Serves 100% Halal Food

Are Reservations Recommended for Patio?

It is highly advisable to make a reservation at Venue on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings from 5 to 9 PM. Please call us to make a reservation. Or Click on the Reservation Button.

What type of food you serve?

We Serve Indian, Pakistani food 100% Halal

I'm really hungry. How can I order food?

Tap the 'Order Online' button to begin browsing the menu. From there, you can add orders to your cart, Once finished, tap your order bag and proceed to check out.

What is the 'Ordering' button?

The easiest way to get your favorite Indian food from Venue Restaurant San Ramon! Once you've placed orders through the app, you can view your order history in 'My Orders'. In that section, you'll be able to select an order as a favorite order . When you have a favorite order selected, that order can now be quickly ordered with a quick tap from the main dashboard through 'Ordering'. It's the perfect solution for anyone who likes to get straight to the point. Or doesn't like to hit multiple buttons.

Does Venue Indian Restaurant offer delivery?

Venue offers take out by phone and through our website. Venue recommends Dine-in order food delivered to your door.
Please call the restaurant to ensure you have placed your order with the right amount of food, the best level of spiciness for your palate, and that you get the best satisfaction out of your order.

Are all your ingredients organic?

Almost! We purchase organic ingredients as much as we can when available. Our family does all the purchasing and we normally go to local farmers markets and wholesalers that sell organic. If we don’t find any organic items we look for local, pesticide-free, sustainably farmed. We also try to choose Non-GMO ingredients.

Can I order off of the menu (a la carte) during lunch hours and not have the buffet?

Of course you may order a la carte at any time Venue Cuisine of India is open! That includes our lunch hours.

Where are you Located?

We are located at 2410 San Ramon Valley Blvd. San Ramon, CA 94583.

How can I contact you?

You can call us on 925-560-9310 or email us at Venuesanramon@gmail.com

What are your hours of Operation?

We are open for: Open Everyday from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM

How fast do you deliver?

That depends on a few factors like the distance of your location, traffic outside, snowing outside, and so forth. However, the average time we take is approximately 45 minutes which could fluctuate. Either way, if its going to take more than 60 minutes we will call you.

How can I pay for my orders?

We accept all major debit & credit cards

What does a typical Indian Meal consist of?

A basic traditional Indian meal is incomplete without its core, Roti (whole-wheat flatbread) or Dal (a lentil bases stew) & rice. The combination of vegetable dishes usually accompanies these basic elements and sometimes a few garnishes like chutneys, relishes and pickles add up as condiments. The flavors of Indian meals-tend to cover a full spectrum with spicy, sour, sweet and sometimes bitter notes in a balanced proportion.

What dishes does an authentic Pakistani restaurant offer?

An authentic Pakistani restaurant’s menu typically consists of some totally finger-licking starters like Pakoras, Samosas, Tandoori Chicken and so forth. The main course would comprise some of the popular Pakistani dishes like Chapali Kabob, Beef Tikka, Chicken Chargha, Dal Makhani, Palak Paneer, Mattar Paneer, etcg and Butter Chicken,Reshami Chicken, Chicken tikka masala, Rajasthani Lamb Masala, Achari Chicken,Beef Nihari, Tawa Champ,

Why do People Visit Indian Restaurants?

one of the reasons to eat Indian food is that it’s one of the best food to share with friends and family. A typical Indian restaurant has a cozy environment that provides a space for people to gather. In Venue Indian Restaurant, we make sure that our customers experience a home-like ambiance with the best Indian dishes that are awesome to share. More importantly, we want you to experience native Indian cuisine, even if you are away from home.

What is Unique about Indian Pakistani Food?

another one of the reasons to eat Indian Pakistani food is for the unique taste. We always make sure that our food brings back a lot of memories while providing a unique experience for first-time Indian and Pakistani cuisine diners.
If you also want to fulfill your olfactory sense, then an Indian restaurant is your best option. Our dishes have a unique aroma that brings you to a new dimension.
Moreover, one of the best reasons to eat Indian food is because we always make our food from scratch. We only use raw and fresh materials to prepare your meals, and we assure you that our dishes, including Rotties, Naans, and Indian bread, are made from the freshest ingredients.

Do you offer non-spicy dishes as well?

Many Indian dishes call for very hot spices. Especially spicy dishes are marked as such on our menu. Please let us know if you do not like spicy food when ordering your meal. We are able to de-spice the dishes according to your preferences.